I just love them. Especially when they're really cute, fluffy, and just plain adorable! Whenever I see puppies nearby, I would get all softened up and would want to hug them and just play with them. They're probably one of my weakness.

I've came across this page full of really cute puppies and would want to share them. They are just plain adorable! I just wish I could get one someday! =) We do have a puppy here in our home and I really really love it (uhm...maybe except when he's all dirty and smelly...O.o) But nevertheless, I love puppies in general (but not as much as I love cats though) =)

Anyway, I found these pics over the net and they are full of cuteness! (=^.^=)

awww...they look soooo sweeet!

puppie is tired

this is plain cute!

as for this one, the cat is cuter (=^.^=) poor doggie...lol

one lazy looking dog =D

it looks like a stuffed toy!

poor kitty...

this ones funny

drunk puppie...