Today I just read and watched 'stuff' that somehow gradually opened my eyes to the harsh truth that is happening in the Philippines. Honestly, I was actually offended because it was rather a hard hit or slap on the face of the Filipinos generally. But maybe, this is what we all need to wake up from this soap opera that the media and the elite society is trying to fool and warp us.

I am at a loss for words for I cannot seem to grasp of the reality that befell among the Filipinos. It is really so sad on what is happening in the Philippines right now. I wish I can do something about it but I don't know where to start. There are some Filipinos who are kind of 'giving up' on the Filipino people themselves (it's kind of ironic) and are criticizing their fellow kababayans very harshly in order for them to wake up from their sleep fantasizing about soap operas and telenovelas, from living life wasted with partying and indolence, and all the negative aspects of being a Filipino. I really find it ironic because they themselves are Filipinos. They have their point. They have their facts. But they shouldn't let their negative emotions ruin the facts and heavily criticize all that is awful about being a Filipino.

But with the current situation and economy the country is facing, who can blame them? I, too, myself want to get outta here and travel. That doesn't mean I'm not being nationalistic. I just want to travel and be proud of being a Filipino. But right now, how can I? Not with where the Philippines is right now. Not with oligarchy reigning in this country. Not with the obvious negative attitudes that's surfacing among most Filipinos which is why these are being generalized.

Other Asian countries are catching up with the economy. They are becoming better and better. Some are even very nationalistic and for a good reason. Their countries are improving with their nationalism. But with the Philippines? Sometimes, it feels so hopeless. I feel like the Philippines is going backwards while everyone else is trying to go forward. And not many people are doing anything about it. I wish I can do something about it but it's always easier said than done. To uplift this country? To make Filipinos better? To minimize corruption and improve this country? To abolish oligarchy? We need wise leaders with integrity who are focused on the best interest of the Filipino people. We need unbiased mass media. We need education and awareness on what's clearly happening in this country and do something about it. We need to pray for this country.