when the sun is up
i wake up with a yawn
and my mouth is dry
you are my witness

when i pack my things
take a bath
and prepare to go
you are my witness

when i start my day
do my work
and eat my food
you are my witness

when the moon arises
i'm ready to sleep
and dream sweet dreams
you are my witness

you are my witness
when my pillow is wet
and my blanket is soaked
with bitter tears

you are my witness
when i grieve
over a lost loved one
kept in a secret

you are my witness
when someone needs my help
and i kept my hands
because of my fears

you are my witness
when i pray and meditate
for everything to be okay
and to keep my spirit strong

you are my witness
because you are my God

"I meditate on your precepts... I will not neglect your word." - Psalm 119:15a, 16b -

How many people do you know take even five minutes a day to meditate on spiritual matters?

Rich benefits are in store for us when we as God's children meditate long enough to remember what He has done. We realize that we belong to our Heavenly Father, and that He is ours. We understand that the problems of life aren't nearly as great as our Heavenly Father; we begin to have peace of mind and hope.

There are three times in a given 24-hour period when it is best to focus on our Heavenly Father: the last thing at night before sleeping; the first thing upon waking; and during the hours of the night when sleep doesn't come easily.

To help you develop the practice of meditating on the things of the Lord, here are some suggestions:

One: Focus on God's Word, the Bible. The best way to do this is to memorize Scripture and quote it to yourself. The next best way is to open the Bible and read a short passage. Then think about it, pondering the meaning and the application of what you have read.

Two: Take a few moments and think of the nature and character of God--His majesty and nature, His great love for you. Focusing on His greatness and majesty will dwarf your problems, and help you bring your life into perspective.

Three: Meditate on what God has done for you personally. You will be amazed at how your attitude changes when you lift your heart in praise to God. This is what "speaking to yourselves in songs and hymns and spiritual songs" (Colossians 3:16) means. It is when we meditate upon Him that we hear His voice and know He is God.

God Bless.

Today can be the BEST DAY of Your Life, Harold J. Sala