I love this musical so much! When I listen to this song, it just makes my heart melt and kind of gives me the shivers. Kind of makes me cry. When I listen to it, I can imagine a really romantic yet sad scene where two lovers depart because they cannot be together due to some circumstances. I dunno. I'm just dreaming. Lol. This song really moves me. I discovered this song when I was watching Hana Kimi (Japanese version). It was the background music played during some scenes which I have already forgotten but I think it was one of those really romantic scenes in the drama. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. Lol. I want to learn how to play it on piano but I just don't have the ability to listen by ear (I attempted though...just got me frustrated O.o). I can only learn by reading music sheets. It's a really rare song so I had a hard time looking for a piano sheet. If someone knows, please do tell me. I'll play it for you. Lol. I love Hana Kimi. I love how they portrayed their feelings. So subtle yet so true. I love Oguri Shun. Lol.

If you listen to it many times, you will see that it's really beautiful.

So romantic yet so sad...

Yey! It's 2010 already! And yep, this is my first post for this year. Christmas, New Year and Sinulog had already passed and I wasn't even able to relay my greetings or post somethin' related to it. I thought I could really update on a regular basis but I dunno. I guess I'm just not motivated enough? Hmm...I dunno...I guess I only write or post when I feel like writing or posting. I don't want to make this an obligation. I feel like the passion for writing would be gone and thus it would become a static routinary job that you have to do for the sake of updating it. Well, I somehow have to have that mindset to give more time in this if I really give importance to this. I guess my heart is not really into it or I get distracted too easily or I'm too lazy or that I'm too hesitant. So many excuses. Tsk. Anyway, life is a never-ending process of learning and growing into something better. Right now, I'm still learning to organize my mind, my time, and money, my life. Hopefully, I can achieve it. =3

So here's a list that I plan to achieve for this year. Actually, I 'borrowed' these words from a planner I bought (out of impulse because it was so fanciful and my sister encouraged me to bought it...heheh). I was hoping the planner would be a start in organizing my life. It's a start I guess. But no assurance.

You can also give some considerations with these 'resolutions' and you can apply it to your life as well. :) ciao!

* This year I will not be afraid of failure.
* This year I will take time to journal important events in my life that I don't want to forget! (ouch! and somehow I always forget O.o)
* This year I will do the unexpected.
* This year I will choose to be HAPPIEST every single day, as if it were the first and last day of my life.
* This year I will travel to Paris! (whoo! How I wish! Hmp.)
* This year I will live life to the fullest.
* This year I will be kinder. (Hmm..not too kind enough to be stepped on by others...tsk2x...)
* This year I will be financially independent! (yep2x! I think I have achieved this already :)
* This year I will be my most awesome self!
* This year I will go out of my comfort zone to help others in need (weee! humanitarian cause..this sounds so good...but the problem is..i don't know where to start...)
* This year I will be a better person financially, emotionally, and physically.
* This year I will be a better woman inside and out!
* This year I will stop running away. (Hopefully...)
* This year I will face my fears with full confidence.
* This year I will keep a more positive outlook.
* This year I will look forward to new changes in my life.
* This year I will spend more time with God.
* This year I will see the beauty of the sunset. (I've always thought the sunset is really beautiful :)
* This year I will be who God wants me to be! (This is my ultimate goal! It cannot be achieved in just one year but through a lifetime)
* This year I will be open to change. (I love change! Life would be so dull without it. But some things should not change though.)