I love this musical so much! When I listen to this song, it just makes my heart melt and kind of gives me the shivers. Kind of makes me cry. When I listen to it, I can imagine a really romantic yet sad scene where two lovers depart because they cannot be together due to some circumstances. I dunno. I'm just dreaming. Lol. This song really moves me. I discovered this song when I was watching Hana Kimi (Japanese version). It was the background music played during some scenes which I have already forgotten but I think it was one of those really romantic scenes in the drama. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. Lol. I want to learn how to play it on piano but I just don't have the ability to listen by ear (I attempted though...just got me frustrated O.o). I can only learn by reading music sheets. It's a really rare song so I had a hard time looking for a piano sheet. If someone knows, please do tell me. I'll play it for you. Lol. I love Hana Kimi. I love how they portrayed their feelings. So subtle yet so true. I love Oguri Shun. Lol.

If you listen to it many times, you will see that it's really beautiful.

So romantic yet so sad...

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