I just had an overnight trip to the islands of Camotes and I can say that the trip was very fulfilling. If your looking for a beautiful yet peaceful location to unwind and relax, Camotes is the right choice. It's sad to say that we were not able to fully enjoy the beauty of the islands since we did not have enough time to really tour around it. But still, I'm glad we were able to enjoy our visits with two beach resorts, one cave, and one lake. It's like a little Camiguin. Like an undiscovered paradise. =)

We had our overnight stay at Mangodlong Rock Resort and had a good night sleep there. =) It's the most popular resort there and no doubt about it cause the resort has a really nice feel to it. They have three types of accomodations---Beach Front, Coco Grove, and Casitas. The Beach Front costs P1950.00 and is good for 4 persons. Not bad for a deluxe room with cool ambiance. We got it for P1600.00 since they had an on-going discount until September 30. The room is complete with air-con, lavatory, and TV. Coco Grove is at P1700.00 and Casitas is at P1000.00

The white sand beach at Mangodlong is pure bliss. The scenic landscape complements the sandy shores. I was not actually able to bathe in its waters. However, my friend told me that although the waters seem really pleasant, the sands could actually seep into your pores cause it's really really grainy. And sea floor is kinda rocky so it's not that pleasurable to walk in it unlike the beach in Santiago.

Our next stop was Santiago Beach Resort. We got a glimpse of the insides of the resort and we were kinda disappointed cause the pool there was so much nicer compared to the pool in Mangodlong. Anyhow, the place is also nice and I think it's larger and more expensive compared to Mangodlong. But for the beach, we had to take a different route since the resort is kinda on a hill and there seems to be no smooth pathway towards the sandy beach. We bathe on the beach under the sun there and it was delectable. The waters are so nice and the sea floor was pure sand so it had a nice feel to it.

After that, we took a really really long ride to Timubo Cave. I was kind of surprised when we arrived there since we passed corn/rice fields. I wondered where the heck is the cave? I was kind of imagining it to be on the ground level just like one cave I visited on the border between Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro city. It was full of trees. Then I realized that the cave was really really underground. It was like a cave amidst the fields. Then we went further down the cave. Really further. It was gradually going down. It had a scary feel to it. It's like a forsaken place or something. But at the end of the cave, it was like paradise. The water is very cool and clear and clean. Like no one has ever been there before. It's like spring. This was the most enticing tourist spot among all the places I have visited there. It was like a place in one of my dreams. Too bad the waters are deep so I wasn't really able to enjoy it since I can't swim. :-S

Last but not the least, we visited Danao Lake happens to be the largest lake in the Philippines. Actually we visited Lake Danao Park. ;) The whole place is beautiful! So serene and so calm. A really nice place to unwind and relax. There's a SAKANAW ride there which lets tourists travel around the lake for a closer view of the lake's surroundings. However, we were not able to ride it since we lack the time plus it would have been better if we were many since the ride can comprise 10 people for P500.00.