Online education is a distance learning or e-learning type of education which differs from traditional education as students are not required to visit an actual classroom to learn and study nor listen to an instructor physically. Rather it uses resources for learning mainly available on the internent and gives students their own pace in studying.

One of the advantages of online education compared to the traditional one is that it allows you to study and learn at your own time. You don't have time constraints and you can give more time to working overtime (if you're working), business travel (if you're into business), and having more time to spend with loved ones. The challenge, however, that this one poses is time management. You must be able to know and learn how to spend time wisely since despite of studying at your own pace, there are still deadlines to meet when it comes to assignments and projects.

Other advantages with this kind of education include not quitting your jobs to attend college, take time off from work, waste time walking from class to class, save time and money from going to colleges and universities and being able to take care of your family especially if you have children.

However, this kind of education may not be advisable for college students just graduating from high school as this will not provide them with an environment that can make them well-rounded individuals. The best place to learn is when you are in the school environment where you meet people and experience things that cannot be felt in the four corners of your home. Also, students fresh from high school may not fare well when it comes to time management and learning at their own pace. They may usually feel for some that going to college is a chore or a must and because of this, may not do well without the guidance of a actual professors and with the company of peers and friends. But for people that have just actually graduated from an actual college or university, those who pursue their studies further usually are more determined to make their studies worthwhile. They are usually the ones who pay for their continuing education and if it's a hard earned money, surely one would want to make the best out of the money that they have earned.

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