I love long hand-written letters. I think a hand-written letter is the most sincere affection expressed. The most heart-warming affection that a person could ever receive. It can contain the deepest feelings of a person. The most unbiased way of showing affection. Untainted with boasting and showing off.

My sister showed me a letter her friend gave to her and it was really touching. So heart warming and so nice.

I’m happy for my sister. She has found a beautiful treasure that is worthy to be kept forever. God has blessed her with a beautiful treasure that is so rare and worthy.

A Quote for Friendship

“Some people will be your friend
Because of whom you know
Some people will be your friend
Because of your position
Some people will be your friend
Because of the way you look
Some people will be your friend
Because of your possessions
But the only real friends
Are the people who will be your friends
Because they like you for who you are inside.”

- Susan Polis Schutz

“The happiest moments in my heart knows are
Those in which it is pouring forth its
Affections to a few esteemed characters.”
- Thomas Jefferson

“Don’t ever forget that you are unique.
Be your best self and not an imitation of someone else.
Find your strengths and use them in a positive way.”
- Jacqueline Schiff

*these quotes were written at the back of the letter…*

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wit said...

I love handwritten letters too because they are so rare, but I don't think I myself can stand writing long ones. My fingers are now more used to typing than using a pen. :) Pens have become painful for me to use.

Ruby said...

Yeah me too. It's quite been a long time I haven't used the pen it'd be painful to write. But it would be nice to receive one. :)