This is, by far, one of the most (or rather the most) epic movie I have ever seen since Inception. Christopher Nolan is truly a genius. It's not just a typical super hero movie. Whilst it has the actions and thrills that a super hero movie thrives on, it doesn't stop there. It builds up the story with its depth and intricate subplots that involves a lot of characters who contribute to the wholeness of the entire movie. It develops the characters and the plot at the beginning of the film well enough and transforms into something so immense and so spectacular that it leaves you awe-struck and amaze not just with its visuals and sound effects, but the entirety of how the story progresses and twists itself quite remarkably into something that you could have never known. Batman and fairly Batman fans would definitely be enthralled by this closing film of the Batman Trilogy by Nolan. I can't say anything bad to it except the audio at the cinema I went to watch was bad. Tsk. Anyhow, it's definitely a masterpiece and a great work of art that does not just provide you with amazing visual and sound effects, but is well-written and well-thought of giving you a great overall experience of what a great super hero movie should be. Truly an epic conclusion.

On a side note, when I learned that Anne Hathaway was playing as a Catwoman, I was like "Huh? Anne Hathaway"? Will it really fit her? Coz I usually see her in chick flicks and comedies. Not really on movies that thrive on action. But she just proves how flexible she can be and makes a great and sneaky cat burglar. =3 Also, who would have thought that Tom Hardy from 'This Means War' and 'Inception' played Bane. That classy English gentleman with the accent. It was kinda hard associating him as Bane especially after the last movie I watched wherein he was casted was 'This Means War'. But he plays Bane really well and menacingly convincing.