It's been a long while since I haven't updated this blog ever since I've been transported to another place. Actually, I barely updated this even when I was still in my hometown.

But things have changed (well, mostly) and somehow I want to maintain this blog site now that I feel like I've settled in my new place! I just hope that I would stay true in maintaining and updating this because before, I usually just post or even visit my blog when I feel like it. But now, I want to dedicate a part of time for this and make some efforts in improving this blog site. And if this turns out to be a success, I might as well buy my own new domain! :D

Well for now, I just hope that whatever is contained in this blog site will somehow be beneficial to the people hopping into this messy, crappy site. :D I'm still trying to make improvements. (I really want to change my layout but I dunno where to start...T.T) Well, I hope everyone would enjoy my posts and maybe learn something from it! :D Well, sayonara for now and ganbatteh! (=^.^=) God bless everyone!

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