So I went to watch this movie together with my friend because I heard the feedback is good (from the people around me) and because I am fond of mythology. At first, we were in a dilemma of what movie to watch--this one or Book of Eli since both movies sound good. Since the former is more popular compared to Book of Eli (which my friend hardly knew), we decided to watch Clash of the Titans in 3D and I can say the movie totally blew me.

The movie Clash of the Titans is set in the Greek city of Argos where war is about to explode between men and gods. Perseus (Sam Worthington, who just so happens to be Jake Sully) was found by a humble fisherman while he was out on the sea. Little did he know that he was actually a demi-god, son of the mighty Zeus. Never did he acknowledge or took pride in it and led his life as a human. But soon he was imperiled were he not to accept his fate as a demi-god and he was destined to save an entire society from a powerful god, Hades, who was also the one who killed his human family.

As he journeys through the sands and hills of a mythical land along with a handful of armored men followed by a mysterious beautiful lady, he faces the dangers and adventures that only exist in one's mind. He faces the most outrageous, the most sneaky, and the most perilous feats that one could ever imagined. And as the story progresses, one by one, the people along his journey were slowly vanishing and thus he alone must face the ultimate darkness that arose to destroy the city of men.

Little did I know that the movie was actually a remake of a classic film way back before. My workmate commented that it'd probably be the same with the old film but the effects and cinematography would be more alluring and amazing. Since I was not able to see the old film (I probably wasn't even born yet at that time. O.o), I may not be able to make a comparison of the movies. But one thing's for sure---the visual effects will be far more captivating compared to the old one but the old one will always have a classic feel to it that the contemporary one can never grasp.

I have read a lot of negativities with the new remake---mainly from fans or viewers of the old version. It seems that the new movie is perceived as rather shallow and the story was not as paramount as the old one. There were a lot of discrepancies with the new movie and the choice of scenes were not carefully picked. It was mostly dubbed as something that can capture the audience prior to the visual effects and cinematography that technology now brings in but is poorly made when it comes to the substance and context of the plot. But for a movie-enthusiast like me who wasn't able to grasp the old movie and who can appreciate a movie as it is (both works are different but the same concept), I can say that the movie was ingeniously made and the CGI effects made it more appealing and thrilling. I found myself squealing out of surprise with some of the scenes which I can say that the movie is not a bore to watch and is visually appealing. The scene that I enjoyed the most was the battle between Perseus and his men and Medusa. It was rather a solemn encounter filled with Medusa's fiendish shrieks. Then the action sprang up as Medusa plays a hasty hide and seek with Perseus.


Okay, I've probably said enough but overall the movie is a blast! But Alice in Wonderland is still #1 for me. :) Also even if it's in 3D, it doesn't have any difference at all. Or you can hardly feel its 3D-ness. Ugh. It's too bad that they're only offering it in 3D here which is kind of sneaky of the movie people there since non 3D movies are less expensive. >.<

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