Well whaddya know. Life is a cycle of emotions. A day's worth of gloom is a day's worth of sheer joy. Probably a week! I’m finally home and just the sense of being home is joy itself. :)

As I went home, I was welcomed by my mom and my sleepy siblings. The excitement. The joy. The thrill. Everything. It feels so good to be home once again. It feels like a long time since I haven’t been in this nostalgic sanctuary. I was welcomed with a conversation that could last a day! Lol. It was one of the best feeling I had never felt when I’m in another place. The joy I felt is unexplainable. It was priceless. Senseless talks. Sensible remarks. Silly moments. Serious advices. Teary laughters. Beautiful moments. Every good thing. It’s a sense of relief.

Family. One of the best things in life. I could never ever replace or trade them for anything in the world. I feel so blessed to have a family that is in tune with my being. As zany as my family can get, I still love them so much. With their eccentricities. With their craziness. With their spontaneity. With their differences and similarities with mine. I especially like the common things that binds us together. Especially music. Music plays a big part in all of our lives and this helps us understand each other. One thing’s for sure. Your family is one of the most important things in life that will always be constant. They will never change whether you like it or not.

I’ve long realized that life is a constant up and down. But some people tend to linger more on the bad things in life. Failing to realize and appreciate the good things and overlooking their potential to do something good in their lives. Some people can’t handle their emotions very well and this could either lead them to bitterness or depression. But maybe. Just maybe. They are already falling in love with their resentment or sadness. Some people also think that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. A vulnerability. Partly true. People hold their feelings up. Which is not always good. I just realized that hiding emotions can also be a cause of misunderstandings, conflicts and inner turmoil.

Just by going home and being with my family again helped me realized a few things in life. I was able to grasp their differing personalities and have come to understand them more fully than before. There’s always a rainbow after the rain (too cliché!). Sadness and pain is inevitable (whoever must not have felt these things is more or less a robot). It’s just that some people are more comfortable speaking their feelings while others are having hard times in expressing or even facing them. Some people would rather not talk about feelings than confront them. I guess people vary greatly. Also, it’s always a good and beautiful experience to have long sensible conversations with your loved ones. It gives you a sense of joy as well as gives you insights about life as well. One should always cherish moments like this and never let something beautiful pass you by. This always help in making your heart a little lighter, a little redder, and gives it a healthy beat. :)

One thing to add up to family are friends. They make life so much lighter, brighter, and better! They are also one of the beautiful things in life which I wouldn’t trade for materialistic desires and selfish wants. Just spending time with them makes me feel at ease and at home too! Talking about silly things. Being serious once in a while. Chit chat about nonsense. Everything! I just wish I can transfer my family and friends to the place I’m working in so that it would probably become a somewhat ideal environment for me. Lol! It’s gonna take a long time, but it’s not impossible. :)

And for once, I though I was just going to chill and stay at home with my family and spend some time with friends and just RELAX from work and the hassles of the real world. But then again, I’m still going to graduate and I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. Tsk2x. It feels like work but way better than work! You get to spend time with the loved ones you have left behind. :)

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Rej said...

So true. And you can't hide anything from your family. Ang lakas ng instinct.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

iba pa rin kapag kasama talaga ang pamilya..lalo na kung buo ang pamilya..there is no place like home..

bing said...

oh, the old adage... there is no place like home. it hasn't changed whatever that word means to each one of us. :-)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sarap siguro mag stay sa bahay na iyan..

Ruby said...

@rej yep2x definitely true! your family is the one who knows you best! (at least for me..O.o)

@arvin tama ka jan :) kaso kulang kami ng isang myembro! pero happy pa rin :) gusto mo stay ka dito?..hehehe..lol!

'there's no place like home'! wow! nice title for another post..still can't get over the hype i got when i'm with my fam :)