most people are dumb
some people are clever
smart, but never wise

most people are shallow and superficial
some people are deep
yet selfish

some people are loud
with empty hearts
some people are pretentious
full of insecurities

some people have talents
full of arrogance
no one's a genius
unlike before

few people have good hearts
sharing it to the poor
few people understand
only to be misunderstood

most people are insensitive
unfeeling, cold and numb
yet sensitive and selfish
only caring about their own feelings

most people fall in love
yet few know about love

most people are intoxicated
with dumb infatuation
most people think
infatuation is love

but few people have unfailing love
yet even fewer are faithful

few people feel
the greatest love of all

humanity is complex,
yet simple
yet betraying
but cruel

a painful existence of perpetual bliss.

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Rej said...

life is not perfect nevertheless life is beautiful. :)

Ruby said...

definitely..life doesn't come without difficulties and hardships but, it doesn't come without joy and happiness either...

thanks for dropping by! ;)