Honestly, I wasn't able to fully grasp the story of Prince of Persia so I just relied on Google to fill me in on some of the parts that I wasn't able to understand (I need subtitles) O.o.

Prince of Persia is based from a popular game with the same title. I can even trace it way back in the 90s where the first Prince of Persia game was not as amazing and as high-tech as the games nowadays. But I can say I'm fortunate to have played the first Prince of Persia game when family computers still rule the households. But even then, I wasn't able to grasp the story behind it.

Now about the movie, Prince of Persia is of course set in the mystical lands of Persia and revolves around the path the rogue prince is destined to have for his beloved country. Prince Dastan, the rogue prince of Persia sets foot on a journey together with Princess Tamina, a beautiful princess of a sacred city, as they race against the evil forces who wants to acquire an ancient dagger capable of releasing the sands of time---a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.

The plot of the story is rather very sneaky and complicated that it would actually take me one whole day to summarize it. So it would be better that you watch and ride on with his adventures in Persia. This is what makes me admire the whole movie--the plot, the action, the adventure. I love how the plot is intricately designed that leaves you guessing and anticipating for the next scene. You can never predict what's going to happen next (for the most part) and can really give you that feeling as if you're falling from the edge of your seat (or maybe I'm just exaggerating) XD. But honestly though, I can say that it was a money well-spent (for movie addicts like me). I especially liked the part where Prince Dastan or whoever presses the end of the dagger and then the time turns back. It's obviously computerized but it still looks good and amazing.

Although one can say that the movie is very cliche (a typical 'sword and sandal' action flick), it's pretty much enjoyable and pretty to watch. The effects, choreography, over-all acting and performance are superb and contribute much to the Prince of Persia experience. However, if one was to compare the movie from the game itself, there sure are a lot of discrepancies and can disappoint a lot of Prince of Persia fanatics as it does not loyally follow to the true game itself. Nevertheless, it's a pretty epic movie. And what adds up to the experience I had when watching it was that the seat would shook whenever big bass sound effects were to roll in the scenes. It was kind of annoying and it was my first time. Hehe. I thought 2D was just the same as an ordinary cinema. The only difference was that they have shaker seats. And it was okay I guess. O.o

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bing said...

one of the cliches nga daw pero they say the production is beautiful..