( i could've come up with a better image...if only i could realize what i'm visualizing in my mind...but i guess renji's okay...he's pretty cool and looks like a smooth operator...)

beneath the coat lies a twisted smile
ready to deceive with its charm
beneath the coat hides an awful stare
longing to start some harm

beneath the coat a plot is made
devised to make you cry
beneath the coat a trap is set
filling you with lies

the gentle havoc begins
steps are creaking at the door
knocking once knocking twice
as you swayed on the floor

he keeps a sinister grin
keeps his hands at bay
he softly kisses your hand
delightfully making your day

sweet words sweet nothings
ringing to your ears
again and again it rings
forgetting all your fears

promises kept but never kept
he walks away without a sound
without a word
forever lost and never found

all you found are pieces
broken pieces on the floor
shattered all over the place
as he walked out that door

it will never be the same
the cracks are showing
as you picked up the pieces
blood is flowing

beneath that coat a secret kept
a thousand reasons behind
beneath that coat a broken heart
memories will always remind.

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Ren said...

Are you the one who made this? :) I love it! All of these are statement of facts! It can be a song entitled 'Beneath a Coat!" Wiheee! :D

kikilabotz said...

u created renjis image? hmmm cool. \m/

Ruby said...

yes i made the poem and the image not really...hehe...good idea yun ren :) now all we need is someone who's good in creating melody out of these...lol! thanks for ur time. God bless ^_^

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice poem..galing mo gumawa ng poem..

Ruby said...

than you poh...maganda din poh ung mga poems nyo...=D