"What is the most resilient parasite? An idea."

Brilliant! Very brilliant! The details of the whole plot is so intricately designed it made my nose bled. O.o I really have to watch this movie again (with subtitles) to fully grasp every word of the story to be able to completely understand it. I may be exaggerating but I can't help it. This film is really ingenious and the idea of the story itself is very original. It may have a little bit of references to The Matrix Movie (except inception is composed of dream scenes) but overall, it was a complete work of innovation and art. The effects were superb as well but one cannot fully comprehend and appreciate the whole movie without really knowing the idea rather 'ideas' behind it.

Inception is inspired by lucid dreaming and dream incubation (i gotta try this xD) and belongs to the heist genre with a cyberpunk plot wherein DiCaprio's role steals information from a person illegally through their subconscious mind. That pretty much is like an icing to the cake since the main plot was built in forming an idea in another person's mind by invading that person's dream making it seem real rather than stealing information. That is the main idea of inception. The thought of it was deemed impossible by the characters plotted in the story but the protagonist knew so well that it was possible since he was able to do it before (spoiler! :D). However, it will be pretty difficult for them to penetrate the person's mind since they have to know all the background regarding that person and they have to convince him as well in order for him to embrace the idea that they were trying to implant (am i making some sense O.o). They were able to wove dreams upon dreams that it was pretty hard for them to keep the stability of those dreams. The mission was even made more complicated prior to the 'defense mechanism' of the subject (the one they are trying to incept an idea) which composed of projections of the subject's mind who were trying to kill them within the dream. As well as the haunting presence of Dom Cobb's (DiCaprio) wife who keeps on sabotaging his work in the dream world.

In the end, Dom Cobb was able to reunite with his family, the main reason why he accepted the mission. However, it gives the audience speculations whether the reality of being able to see his family once again was a true reality or yet, just a dream upon a dream.

The 'Dream Team' as what they were called were composed of Dom Cobb--the Extractor, Arthur--the Point Man, Satio--the Tourist, Ariadne--the Architect, Eames--the Forger, and Yusuf--the Chemist. Each one of them holds a very significant role throughout the whole mission and without the presence of just one of them would make the whole mission collapse. Their teamwork in making the mission successful was magnanimous. The way they handled to come up with solutions prior to the problems that were not anticipated was impressive and courageous. One character that I liked was the young inquisitive architect, Ariadne. She was the only female in the team and I'm convinced the reason why it is so is because she was involved in the emotional aspect that has been troubling the protagist's mind. Generally, emotions and feelings are always associated with women while thoughts and rationalities are with men. So basically to keep the balance of the story, she was there to be able to help the protagonist to settle with his personal issues.

Anyway, to make the long story short, this movie is worth the watch (but really worth the ticket!! especially IMAX!! =D). It'll really keep your mind boggling and will delve you deeper into the subconscious mind.

Another interesting fact I found out regarding this movie was that Christopher Nolan, who is the director of this film, developed this whole script within 9 to 10 years (that does not even include the production of the film). O.O And his previous films Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight were just stepping stones so that he can make this great masterpiece a reality. (Imagine?! The Dark Knight is just a stepping stone?! O.o) Okay, I'm done. xD I'm just overwhelmed with this movie. ^^

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new movies said...

Inception is indeed brilliant.. You know what I've seen it like three times in cinema... that's how amused I truly was with the movie... I love everything about it but the story of Mal and Cobb was truly touching...:)

Ruby said...

yep2x! definitely! i wish i could see it in the cinema a couple of times but figured it out that i'll just wait for a soft copy of it...hehe...

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice movie..

i@иn℮™ said...

i must commend the movie, too:) it is simply hard to reckon.