Trip To Manila

Whew! Finally got to my second home and I feel so exhausted. Just got back from the airport and I'm a bit dizzy. O.o (I guess I prefer liners than airplanes for that matter. I get to walk around and sleep comfortably in a ship. I would love to experience getting aboard cruise liners soon. :)

Anyway, I just want to share my first travel experience in a different place from my working place and hometown without my parents! :) I was traveling with only my sister and her friends and it was both an exciting and exhausting experience. Lots of things happened. Good. Bad. But all the while, it was amazing and probably one of the most memorable experiences I've had in my life (for now...)!

In just 5 days, I was able to pass by around 6 different places, was able to stay in 3 different houses, 1 condo unit (but just a little while), 5 shopping centers/malls, and 1 amusement park. I was able to ride my first train ride as well. Heheh. Uhm...most of the things I will share here are my firsts so pardon me for my ignorance. Lol. xD

The first part of our trip unfortunately did not go very well. Like the Filipinos that we are, time is not our side. We are in a hurry as we went to catch our flight and thus, I forgot to bring a few essentials. So advice number 1 (well for people like me...): Always make a list of things that you will bring in for your trip so that you can make sure that you have all the things that you need. You can also consult your list when you're about to travel back so that you will not leave some things behind.

That situation alone was enough to start me off at a bad mood. I was feeling really excited about the whole thing and well...it kind of disappeared a little bit. It was even worsened by the fact that I had to check in my baggage due to large liquids and our flight was set up to have no check in baggages. I didn't know that large liquids are not allowed to be carried in! >.<

It really pays to know the do's and don'ts of establishments. Sigh. How was I suppose to know. Anyway, because of that, we had to pay some extra money just so we can continue on with our flight. Tsk2x So advice number 2: Don't bring large liquids if you are going on a trip on an Econo-Light Flight (no check in baggages).

So we were already in the plane and my excitement is slowly creeping in. Everything went fine until something happened that really changed the course of our trip as well as making it easier and safer. Let's just say it was kind of a blessing in disguise. Like you want to ask why is this happening (in a bad way) and at the same time you're grateful that it happened. The bad thing about the incident was that someone who smelled alcohol in the face was making unnecessary advances to my sister! I was really dumbfounded when it happened. I did not know what to do. Even my sister did not know what to do. It was very awful! And somehow, that made me thinking that this ain't gonna be an easy-going trip. We have to be extra cautious and careful at all times. And, like my mom said, never give your full trust to strangers. But actually there are two kinds of strangers. Strangers who are good and strangers who are bad. So maybe that kind of rule depends. It's just a matter of knowing who offers genuine help!

Anyway, because of that incident, we were able to meet a good kind of stranger. I can really feel her sincerity when she told us how she felt when that awful man was making advances to my sister. She was angry by what the man did and even suggested on spilling her hot coffee on that man! Tsk2x. O.o. She even asked us if we knew the guy since he was casually doing things as if he knows us. I was simply dumbfounded when it happened and I was really glad that someone came to our aid and offered help. I can really feel the sincerity of her help and never did I think of awful things about the help she offered. She even offered to give us a ride and even offered for us to sleep in their condo! Whew! Just like my sister said, it is very very rare to meet people like these who offer genuine help to strangers (like us in this case) especially in a bustling place like Manila were very bad people are prevalent (ehhh...compared to other provinces perhaps?O.o). She even told us about places to see in Manila. Of course there's the Mall of Asia then historical places like Intramuros (unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to this place), and then Rockwell (where the rich and famous usually hang out) and a shopping centre nearby their place called Serendra. From among the places she mentioned, I was only able to go to Mall of Asia and I can say that I have almost toured the whole mall in more than 5 hours! Lol! I was able to walk around the whole department store and was crossing back and forth between the main part of the mall and the second part. I feel like I'm already familiar with the place. Hehe. I just love strolling in the mall even when I don't have anything to buy! (but I can't help it I still did make little unnecessary purchases while window shopping!) But, I have this wild idea of tasting food of each of the food establishment/stall there and buying even at least one kind of item of each store (probably the cheapest xD) there if given the opportunity. Hehe. Sometimes I get really carried away. xD The one store that I really wish would be available here in Cebu is the Comic Alley! (maybe I can do a franchise of it? xD) It's sort of an Anime Shop where you can buy all sorts of Anime stuff and it feels like a haven! Lol! I love the place! Even if it's small (I wish it was bigger), I like to go back there and just stare at the pretty things. xD There were anime posters, cellphone holders, necklaces, CDs, bags, etc. And all of them are Anime-themed! And well, I made some little unnecessary purchases in there since I know I won't be able to find those stuff in Cebu. Hihi. xD I was also able to experience the cinema there as well and I was disappointed because I expected. It's human nature so pardon me. I was disappointed by the fact that since it's like THE Mall of Asia, I was expecting that the cinema was larger (compared to some cinemas in Cebu). I even got into an argument with a friend when I expressed my disappointment about it. Oh well...people differ. We watched Salt and it's mind-blowing! xD Uhm..that will be another post. xD One thing I missed going about at MoA was the skating rink. :[ Too bad I wasn't able to glide on ice. It was like one of the things I've dreamed of doing! Lol! Oh, and thanks to Ms. Grace Ty for all the help she has given us. Hopefully we can lend a helping hand to her to repay her kindness. Just by what she did makes us want to pay the good deed forward to other people as well. It is really a nice feeling to meet a stranger who offers genuine and sincere help.

Well, that's just the first part of my travel and it's already sooo long. I really write a lot when it comes to stuff like these (my ideas and thoughts are really mixed so pardon me if I jump from one topic to another in a single paragraph). Probably I'll be the only ones who's going to read it because it's really long and probably boring. Hehe. But I dunno. I just want to write out my travels (from now on) especially now that I feel like my dream is gradually taking into shape. Hehe. I'll probably write the latter parts of my trip there when I have time and when I feel like writing them. Just the fact that I've been to 6 different places is enough to make me feel so relieved and happy and good. It's a really good experience. Traveling eases my soul and gives me a calm and good feeling. It's like I'm free and not tied or restricted to anything. No boring routines of life. Hehe. xD Anyway, there are just so many beautiful places here in the Philippines that I want to travel and experience all of those places. Be it resorts and beaches or malls and shopping centres. Now what I need is a really good camera to showcase these places. Time to save up! xD

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