Kidding... :p not really for sale...it's actually about my brother's passion for art and music this Valentine's ^_^

Who would have thought that my own little brother can do something so amazing I just can't believe my eyes and ears and during pre-valentine's?

I hate to admit it but I am actually subscribed to my brother's youtube account (he better not see this and anything about this post or else his ego would burst! lol!). I don't usually show it to him (I actually don't show it all!) that I am awed by the things he does especially when it comes to skills and talent. Man, he's really turned into someone who has the motivation and determination to do something I could only dream of. O.o

But that's not the whole point of this stuff. The fact that he incorporated his talent into something amazing is something that can be well appreciated (for me, that is).

I use Youtube a lot (like I watch the same videos almost everyday along with almost all of their related videos and the related videos of those videos and so on that I actually contribute to their view counts big time... I should be paid to do this...lol! O.o). Yeah I know it's a waste of time but I enjoy it. ^_^ Music alters my mood a lot and sends me into a different kind of realm. Lol.

So yeah I saw he uploaded a new video. It's a piano cover of the song 'I Just Can't Help Falling In Love' which he recorded at our home and what intrigues and catches my attention to this was that he actually dedicated it to a girl he likes! Geeh. I didn't know he has a romantic bone in him. Lol. I'm just suprised! He's actually not like this at home. Actually he's kind of silly and he's always 'loading'. A lot. :D I didn't really think he could do something like this. And what makes it more flattering is that he included the girl's name in the video's tag section. ^_^ Sweet. Lol. I'm kind of proud to have a brother like him. Using his talents and sharing them to the people he love (in this case, to the girl he likes?loves? hmm..) I really don't know about that. But the fact of the thing he did was just brave and amazing. I feel that he really puts himself into it and for me, that's something I don't see everyday. It kind of makes me amazed at what one can actually do for love. It's simply cute.

Also, not only did he played music for love/like (let's just say his deep affection for that girl), but he also drew something so beautiful (I can't believe he actually drew it) and dedicated it for love/like again (it's hard to say if it's love or like since I think he's still too young :p). Actually my older sister discovered it and she herself could not believe that my brother could actually do something like this. He's better than all of us (siblings)! My sister even joked that he's a fan turned idol 'coz before he only mimics us and tries to learn from us. But now...geeh, he's so good at whatever he's put himself into (mainly music and arts). I guess maybe because all of our interests and skills got handed down to him and somehow he was able to incorporate and enhance all of it to himself making him very flexible. I do wish him well and that he would choose a career that he actually wants and loves and not be immensed into something that kills his skills. I feel very blessed to have a brother like him.

i was amazed not at the music he played, but by the fact that he actually dedicated it to someone gives it much more meaning

my sister showed this to me first...i was like O.o when i saw this...i could not believe that he actually drew this just using the mouse as his pen/pencil without copying or duplicating it from an external source...it looks so real O.o

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