In a world where everything comes with a price (well, mostly), surely there is a way wherein you can get something for free---especially if you know how to do the tricks...with style. XD

Here are some tips which you can pull off if you're broke and you're hungry. I say it takes a lot of guts to do this and you must be a really good actor and a thick face. Lol. Anyway, this is just for fun. But you can take it seriously if you want. :p

If you are really hungry, you can go into a self-service cafeteria and finish the meal of someone who left a lot on the plate. Self-service restaurants are usually good places to cop things like mustard, ketchup, salt, sugar, toilet paper, silverware and cups for home use. Bring an empty school bag and load up after you've cased the joint. Finishing leftovers can be worked in even the fanciest of restaurants (yep! i've tried this once...lol...kidding). When you are seated at a place where the dishes still remain, chow-down real quick. Then after the waitress hands you the menu, say you have to meet someone outside first, and leave.

In fancy sit-down restaurants, you can order a large meal and halfway through the main course, take a little dead cockroach or a piece of glass out of your pocket and place it deftly on the plate. Jump up astonished and summon the headwaiter. "Never have I been so insulted. I could have been poisoned" you scream slapping down the napkin. You can refuse to pay and leave, or let the waiter talk you into having a brand new meal on the house for this terrible inconvenience.

In restaurants where you pay at the door just before leaving, there are a number of free-loading tricks that can be utilized. After you've eaten a full meal and gotten the check, go into the restroom. when you come out go to the counter or another section of the restaurant and order coffee and pie. Now you have two bills. Simply pay the cheaper one when you leave the place. This can be worked with a friend in the following way. Sit next to each other at the counter. He should order a big meal and you a cup of coffee. Pretend you don't know each other. When he leaves, he takes your check and leaves the one for the large meal on the counter. After he has paid the cashier and left the restaurant, you pick up the large check, and then go into the astonishment routine, complaining that somebody took the wrong check. You end up only paying for your coffee. Later, meet your partner and reverse the roles in another place.

In all these methods, you should leave a good tip for the waiter or waitress, especially with the roach-in-the-plate gambit. You should try to avoid getting the employees in trouble or screwing them out of a tip.

You can also go to stalls and stands where they offer free samples of whatever they are selling. You taste all of them and conclude that none of those fit your taste preferences leaving the stall without you buying anything.

Butchers can be hustled for meat scraps with meat scraps with a 'for my dog' story, and bakeries can be asked for day-old rolls and bread.

That's it! By following these tips, you'll never go hungry even if you're broke! XD

Source: 'Steal This Book' by Abbie Hoffman

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