That's the whole concept about the course I just attended yesterday. I was supposed to write this yesterday but uh...due to my drowsiness I'm writing it now. :)

Yesterday, I attended a 'Wealth Course' at a mall. I even tagged my friend along and was able to convince him to try this. Who wouldn't want to retire young and retire rich?

I admit expectations can either disappoint, break or hurt you. And this was no exception. Or maybe, I expect too much. The meeting/seminar was already pictured in my mind and somehow reality does not always coincide with it (that sucks!). But yes I learned a lot from the experience. It talks a lot about financial education which SHOULD be taught in school because I think this is essential on becoming financially rich! Lol.

I can say that it takes a lot of motivation and determination to make this work. Like if you really want to be rich, you have to think and do things like rich people do. And you choose to do it. I was afraid and hesitant to pursue this because the process of becoming rich (or their process of becoming rich) might not be fulfilling to me as a person. It requires a lot of hard work and persistence and I might not be able to enjoy life the way I want it be if I pursue this.

The one part that really got me were the MONEY JARS. Money jars are a means of budgetting your money and separating them according to their purposes. Budgetting is one thing that I have difficulties mastering at. I hat to admit it but I'm an impulsive buyer/consumer and an impulsive buyer/consumer will never get rich. Lol. Right now, I'm trying to follow how the money jars work. According to it, you should divide your money into 5 separate accounts: 10% FFA (Financial Freedom Account), 10% LTSS (Long Term Saving for Spending), 10% EDUCATION, 50-55% NECESSITIES, 10% PLAY (Leisure and Entertainment), and 5-10% GIVE (Charity and Church).

When I tried to calculate my money according to this, I was not sure if this will work for me. 10% savings is really small. If I follow this, I think I would be able to buy my dream laptop...hm...maybe 10 years from now O.o I definitely don't want that to happen. I'm planning to buy it the soonest possible time so I have to really really really do a lot of savings. And I think that 50-55% for necessities is way too much. Or maybe not. Hmm... Are luxurious foods a necessity or is it included in leisure? Somehow I don't know where to put this and most of my money are spent on this (and grocery). If I put this in necessity then 50-55% is not enough. Lol. If I put it on 10% PLAY, then definitely this is not enough either. I think I have to think things over. O.o

Anyway, the 'Wealth Course' is like an eye opener. Well, I did have a basis already before I attended it on how this stuff works due to my sister and her boyfriend who have been lecturing me before about PASSIVE INCOME, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, INVESTMENTS and BUSINESSES. I was like, wow! this sounds like a great idea! But where do I start? O.o Trust me, becoming an employee or worker for the rest of your lives won't make you achieve this and won't gain you financial freedom (but most people feel comfortable already in this status quo like me. Lol). The concept here is let money work for you and not the way around (you don't work for money anymore. It's working for you). I think the course gave me a foundation to pursue this path to wealth. Lol. I'm still in Module 1 and I'm off to pursue Module 2 (I'm afraid I may not be able to finish what I started :S). There are still requirements though before I can pursue the next step and I don't know. Something in me is hesitant to proceed. What if this is not what I want? (It kind of hit me, it was also mentioned there that people who are not rich don't know what they want O.o) I'm not really good at following certain rules and policies and regulations (I break them! lol) and I prefer to be more flexible and at ease and open to possibilities when it comes to living my life and achieving my dreams and goals so I don't know if this will work for me. O.o But I don't think there's harm in trying. Or is there?

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