True Colors

i don't wanna get caught
in a hole i can't get
out of my world you'll see
hidden secrets and fears

the ones you see are the
good ones, blunt surfaces
that make you be fooled
be trapped and be dazzled

but once you delve in too
much your heart can't contain
can't accept the secrets
that lie behind this face

it's better to be a
mystery, an enigma
be appreciated
by the surface you show

rather than be loathed
rejected or despised
by revealing all of
your whole entity

*sometimes i think it's better to know a person only on the surface than delving deeper into that person's heart, knowing his/her 'other side' coz there are just some things that are difficult to cope with*

*first impressions are quite misleading...as you get to know the person more and more...knowing his/her 'other side'...his/her 'other qualities'...his/her flaws and fears...either your appreciation and admiration grow deeper or it will diminish, vanish and fade subtly*

*but i do still want to create deep meaningful long-lasting relationships with a few chosen ones...the ones i can trust my whole self with...people who will know my flaws and fears yet accept me whole heartily...as i will do the same for them too...if i can cope with it (as long as it is still a humane flaw meaning he/she is not a sociopath O.o)...these kinds of people it seems, in this kind of world, are quite rare and difficult to find*

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